Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to my blog

My name is Tim Tow and I am an Essbase addict. Funny, now that I have made that confession, and don't feel the need to join a 12-step program to treat it, I can proceed with my plan to use this blog to spread information and insight about Essbase.

I have been a frequent contributor to various online forums for many years now. My first forums were way back in the Compuserve days. I actually used to answer questions about Excel 4.0 from my DOS-based home machine well before I ever had Windows or Excel on my home system. That activity eventually lead me to earning the designation of "Microsoft Excel MVP" or Most Valuable Professional. In fact, I was one of the original 5 MVPs in the world! The MVPs essentially took the pressure off Microsoft Tech Support in return for trinkets and t-shirts.

I started working with Essbase back in 1995 by writing some of the original demoware used by Arbor Software to sell Essbase. In the years since, I have been active on the Hyperion Developer Network boards, the Network54 Essbase board and now on the Oracle Technology Network. Based on my willingness to share information on the forums, I was given the Oracle ACE designation. Many other Oracle ACEs also contribute to the community by writing blogs, thus I decided I should follow their lead and also write a blog.

I plan to start off the blog with a series of posts comparing and contrasting my experiences as a Hyperion 'old-timer' venturing to my first Oracle OpenWorld. Stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes!

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