Friday, November 9, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Part 1

I have been lucky enough to attend every Arbor Dimensions/Hyperion Solutions conference since 1996 and, during that time, have given scores of presentations at those conferences. I figure one way I can help the Hyperion community understand how things may differ in the new Oracle world we live it is to comment on the differences I find between the Hyperion conference experience and the Oracle OpenWorld experience. This is the first of a series of posts on the topic over the timeframe of the conference and pretty much commits me, once I post this, to actually completing that mission.

As I write this, I have already registered for the conference, etc and am sitting at Atlantic Aviation waiting to go over to the main terminal. I often fly my own plane from Huntsville, AL to Nashville, TN and hop a flight on Southwest. I fly Southwest not only because I tend to book my flights late and thus it doesn't cost that much but also because they have a much better East/West schedule that the airlines that fly from Huntsville. I also get to fly my own plane at least part of the trip to I get to have a bit of fun before heading out to work (and make no mistake about it.. These conferences are work!) Southwest also has more room between the rows and the planes are all configured the same so I know exactly where the good programming seats are! (6 bulkhead / 3 exit rows on the left / 1 exit row window seat on the right).

During the flight, I hope to find some time to writeup my pre-conference experience (along with working on some patent documentation for our product and perhaps even doing .NET work with Oracle.

Once I get to Oakland tonight, I plan to have dinner with my best friend from college and then to watch the Michigan-Wisconsin game at his house tomorrow morning. After that, I plan to take the BART system into the city, check into my hotel and maybe even take the BART back to Berkeley and try to go to the USC-Cal game Saturday night.

I have to run for the plane now..

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