Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Part 4

Despite my best intentions to update the blog daily during the conference, it has been an extremely busy week. In fact, I had not even visited either of the Expo floors until yesterday nor had I eaten most days until very late. In fact, Monday I had a cookie midday and finally grabbed a slice of pizza at about midnight. I sure am glad we didn't get a booth as my time would have been even more limited; I am running on 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night..

I also realized that if I wrote a daily blog, it may very well become a thing where "I did this, then I did that".. In other words, boring.. Instead, I have decided to blog by general topic. I plan to do a posting on sessions, one on expo hall and one on 'other things that happened' during the week. I hope to get the first of these posted tonight. If I don't, I fly back tomorrow and will try write my thoughts on the plane and post them over the weekend.


Anonymous said...


Good seeing you and sorry I missed you Tuesday nJight. Thought what you are doing with gadgets is especially cool!

Take care!

Jay Aleck

Tim Tow said...

Hi Jay,

Michael and I did end up going to La Gondola. We sat for hours with the owner, Gino, talking on a wide variety of topics. Some interesting facts about the building where his restaurant is located. He told us the original office of Bank of America was two doors down and was originally called 'The Bank of Italy in America'. He also said his restaurant space used to be the original offices of Greenpeace.. I have no idea if it is true or not, but it was certainly fun talking about it.