Monday, September 26, 2011

Smart View Webcast

As you may have heard on other blogs, the new version of Smart View has been released and it has some pretty cool features.  What that means is, after having been available since Essbase 7X, Smart View is finally good enough, in many cases, to be a replacement for the classic Excel add-in.

Some of the new features include:
  • POV Toggle
  • Formula Preservation
  • Formula Fill on Zoom Operations
  • Sheet level Options
  • Member Name and Alias on Rows
  • Resolve Alias Name
  • Zoom Options
  • Submit without Refresh
  • Duplicate Member Name
  • Member Information
  • Range-Based operations
  • Multi-cell based operations
  • Use Excel Formatting
  • Butterfly Report
  • Substitution Variable Support
  • Linked Reporting Objects
The Smart View team is hosting a webcast this coming Friday THURSDAY morning to show off their new product.  You can sign up for the webcast at on the Oracle support site under document id 1356368.1.   Note that you must have a (free) Oracle account to sign up for the webcast.  My team and I participated on the beta and, despite the fact that I will be at Oracle headquarters that day and the webcast is scheduled for 6 am Pacific time, I will be there.

A few people have asked me about Smart View vs Dodeca and asked if the products compete in the market.  To some degree, Dodeca does compete against Smart View, but it is more of a co-opetition.   We know the Smart View team and have worked closely with them for many years.  In fact, when I was briefed on the functionality, my comment was that Smart View would finally be a decent environment for creating Dodeca templates.  Congratulations to the Smart View team for finally reaching that milestone!

Speaking of Dodeca, we are on the verge of announcing a major new version.  Watch this space over the next few days as we start to show off our work!

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