Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oracle Executives on Oracle Database Webcast

I found out about an Oracle Executive webcast tomorrow, Wednesday September 21, at 1 pm US Eastern Time / 10 am US Pacific Time.  The webcast is focused on the Oracle Database and features Oracle executives

  • Mark Hurd, President;
  • Andy Mendelsohn, Senior Vice President, Database Server Technologies; and 
  • Judson Althoff, Senior Vice President, Worldwide A&C and Embedded Sales

The thing that intrigued me about this webcast is the statement on the registration page that 'Oracle executives will share plans for a new product that will offer customers and partners a faster path to take advantage of the world’s #1 database.'

I am going to try to catch the webcast so I can find out what new product is..  You can register for the webcast at http://www.oracle.com/webapps/events/ns/EventsDetail.jsp?p_eventId=140522&src=7317513&src=7317513&Act=45.  Note that you must have an Oracle account to register for this webcast.

Oracle Executive Webcast: Oracle Database Product Update

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