Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pushing Essbase Beyond the Limits of Excel webcast

I am doing webcast tomorrow with fellow Oracle ACE Glenn Schwartzberg. The webcast, "Pushing Essbase Beyond the Limits of Excel", is part of the interRel Consulting webcast series. You can signup for the webcast at the interRel website.

In the webcast, Glenn will show you how to setup a budget template in Excel including the necessary VBA code, dropdown controls, etc to login the user, allow them to make selections, send data to the database and run a specified calc. I will then build and deploy the same functionality in Dodeca from scratch in about 5 minutes. BTW, Glenn was impressed when I did the same in our planning for the webcast.

I hope you can join us tomorrow!


A. Soong said...

Hi Tim,
Was this webcast recorded? Didn't catch this announcement in time...

Tim Tow said...

Hi Andy,

I checked with the admin at interRel and, unfortunately, I don't think the session was recorded.