Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oracle eDelivery Observations

I got a comment on an installation post asking where to find Essbase Server and Client 11.1.1. I went to eDelivery and took a look and, sure enough, it looks like it appears the Essbase builds are no longer available. The builds are, however, available.

I don't know exactly what the standard procedure is for Oracle for availability of older builds, but it seems somewhat consistent with what Oracle did by removing older versions of the software right after they acquired Hyperion (which used to leave many, many versions available for download.

My advice is to download all of the available files in a specific version and archive it on your own local machines in case you need them in the future. We do exactly that at our company and have stored away all the versions (and their supporting files) that we support with our Dodeca product in the future.

Note: Please do not send me email or comment on this blog asking if I can send you x.y.z version. Those emails/comments will absolutely and unequivocally ignored due to potential legal ramifications.


Dan said...

In this case I think was replaced by on E-Delivery because the later release mostly added the UNIX platforms to the Windows-only earlier release (no new features), and added a bunch of bug fixes to the earlier Windows release. No need to leave the functionally identical but buggier Windows version in place. The version numbering *is* confusing, though, because the fourth digit being nonzero is supposed to indicate that this is just a service pack (no new platforms or features), when the whole point of this one was to release new platforms. Ideally, all the platforms should be released together, instead of Windows first and UNIX months later, and they should all be released under one version number.

Tim Tow said...

I agree it is a bit confusing and thus the post. My point is that it is a bit of a paradigm shift from the old Hyperion days and people just need to know where to look for the updated files.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, I agreed. In the old days you get to download every dot versions. edelivery has slimmed that down which could affect people who installed 11.1.1 and now have no choice but installing

Another thing caught my attention is the Essbase plugin for Excel has balooned to 3Gb in size as I have posted on my blog.

Daniel Poon

Tim Tow said...

Hi Daniel,

Like I said in the post, check often and create your own library. BTW, I am going to put a link to your blog on my blog..

I hope all is well with you.


rohit.amarnath said...

Tim, Dan,

What is interesting is that the installer/assemblies for Windows is the same one as the ones for unix. So if you download the linux version you are just duplicating the file.