Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smart View Dialog Positions

There was a question on the Network54 Essbase Board today about the member selection dialog in Smart View rendering off the screen.  It seems like I may have read something about this issue and a possible solution, so I decided to spend a few minutes investigating it..

The problem occurs when you have multiple monitors hooked up to your computer, open Smart View, connect to an Essbase database, open the Member Selection dialog and then move it onto your second monitor.  Smart View remembers where you moved the dialog and will display it there the next time you open the dialog.  The problem is, if you no longer have your second monitor attached, the dialog will display off-screen.

I took a look at the registry and found there is a DialogPositions setting in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hyperion Solutions\HyperionSmartView\Options.

I found that you can close Excel/Smart View, delete the DialogPositions parameter from the registry, and restart Excel and the Member Select dialog will again be displayed centered on the main monitor.

You can make this easier for end users by creating a registration entries file.  On my machine, I created a text file and named it ResetSmartViewDialogs.reg.  In this file, I added the following lines:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hyperion Solutions\HyperionSmartView\Options]


To run the file, just double-click on it and you will be warned about the changes to be made to the registry. Simply confirm that you want the entries to be made and the offending DialogPositions setting will be removed.


Shane Axsom said...

Thanks for the post Tim, I was unaware of the registry mod. This issue can cause some frustration.

There is one other method I came across recently. It may not be as intuitive for end-users, but I thought I might mention it because you can use it for any software program in Windows:

1. If the window is not active, click on its icon in the task bar to activate it.

2. Press Alt-Space to display the context menu for the window.

3. Select "Move."

4. Press the right arrow key on the keyboard.

5. Move your mouse; the window will drag with the mouse. Left click when it is in the proper position.


Shane Axsom

Anonymous said...

Hey Shane,

I use that method a lot for windows programs, but it doesn't work for the Member Selection dialog, as it does not have a task bar icon.

I love the "fix" detailed here, and plan to use this going forward, but another fix that some of my users discovered is to toggle display settings using FN+F5 (or whatever key combo on your flavor of laptop).

gsinkaos said...

I ran into this issue a couple of times. Unfortunatley our users do not have admin access to their laptops. So as a work around, I connected an external monitor to the laptop, opened the member selection window and dragged it back over to the laptop screen and hit ok. I then disconnected the external monitor. Seems to work fine after that. I suppose this does the same thing as changing the dialog settings in the registry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this has saved me some headaches.

Ligia said...

Hi guys,

I have faced this issue with users that work with extended screens. So, connecting to a monitor and dragging back the Selector window worked for me as well.
Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

Mo said...

You sir, are a genius. I had this issue for several weeks and even our IT department couldnt figure out what was happening. I stumbled upon you blog after multiple searches and I'm glad that I did. Thank you for the post.

Tim Tow said...

Thanks Mo, but I am not a genius. I just try to share information when I can to make the Essbase experience better!