Monday, January 30, 2012

The Book..

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting consistently over the past few months.  The main reason for that is that I have been involved in writing a book.   Actually, I wrote one chapter of a book, but it was intense work on the Essbase Java API.

The title of the book is Developing Essbase Applications: Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals which is the brainchild of, and potential cause of heart failure for, my friend Cameron Lackpour. The chapter list is quite impressive:
  • Essbase infrastructure
  • Data quality
  • Essbase Studio
  • BSO in depth
  • BSO to ASO conversions
  • Designing ASO for performance
  • Practical  MDX
  • Essbase Java API
  • Automating with Groovy
  • Advanced Smart View
  • Administering Essbase
Cameron recruited a team of Essbase professionals to come together on a book, defined what he wanted, managed us authors who whined about the amount of work it turned into, and lived to tell the story.  This book was written by a collection of authors with large amounts of real-life Essbase experience.  Almost all of these authors are speaking at Kscope12 as well. :
  • Dave Anderson;
  • Joe Aultman;
  • John Booth;
  • Gary Crisci;
  • Natalie Delemar;
  • Dave Farnsworth;
  • Michael Nader;
  • Dan Pressman;
  • Robb Salzmann; and
  • Angela Wilcox
The first draft of the book is now complete and has been sent to the publisher.  We are hoping the book will be published before, and available at, Kscope12 in late June. 


Christian said...


That's great news. A lot of us have been waiting for a book at that level of detail.


Dermott Beverley said...

@Christian absolutely agree. Hurry up and finish this book already Tim. I can't wait to get my teeth into it. :)


Tim Tow said...

My part, which is basically a chapter on the Java API including grid operations and a discussion of the very confusing methodologies you can use to get member information, is complete. It is in the hands of the publisher now..

I was originally scheduled to do a chapter on Dodeca as well, but I couldn't stand the thought of someone else, i.e. the publisher, owning words I wrote about my own product, so I declined.