Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ACE Alumni

Today, I asked Oracle to move me from Oracle ACE Director status to Oracle ACE Alumni status.  There are a number of reasons why I decided to change status.  When I started answering questions on internet forums years ago, I did it to share what I had learned in order to help others.  The same goes for this blog which I originally started so that I could give better and more complete answers to questions on the forums.

After the Hyperion acquisition by Oracle, I was contacted by Oracle who asked if I would be interested in becoming an "Oracle ACE".  It was an honor.  But over time, things have changed.  As more people found out about the ACE program, more people wanted to become an ACE.  If you have ever monitored the OTN Essbase and Smart View forums, they have become cluttered with copy and paste posts from people obviously trying to increase their points.  As the ACE program grew, it also become harder for the OTN team to manage and now require a formal activity reporting - a time report if you will - to track contributions to the community.  As I am already extremely pressed for time, I decided that tracking my contributions to the community - in exchange for a free pass to Open World, just didn't make sense.

All of that being said, just because I have moved to Oracle ACE Alumni status doesn't mean that I will stop contributing to the community.  My company will continue to provide free downloads and support for the Next Generation (Essbase) Outline Extractor and the Outline Viewer along with free downloads of Drillbridge Community Edition.  And maybe, just maybe, I will finally have time to write some new blog posts (maybe even some posts on some new Dodeca features inspired by our work with Oracle Analytics Cloud / Essbase Cloud!)


Cameron Lackpour said...


I'm sad to hear of your decision but it's understandable.

We all look up to you for the leadership you provide, the hundreds (thousands? tens of thousands) of hours of advice and help you've freely given so many without expectation of return, and your vital (and free) tools that the EPM world depends on.

To me, those acts and qualities are what defines and describes an ACE Director.

Were I in charge of the ACE program, you'd be in it forever.

Cameron Lackpour

Tim Tow said...

Thanks Cameron, but I am not going anywhere. I will still be doing a bunch of the same.


Unknown said...


I can't say it any better then Cameron.

Thank you for you do.