Monday, February 4, 2008

Oracle Developer Tools User Group Call for Papers (Act fast!)

Sorry I haven't had time to post anything for the last couple of weeks. I plan to start a series on how to install the Hyperion 9.3.1 Suite when I can get enough time to do the proper job of it. I have been working 'half-days' (12 hours, get it?), however, for the past couple of months and haven't had much time for anything. I did, however, force myself to go fly my airplane on Saturday. You know it hasn't been flying enough when, for the second time in a row, the battery was low and the plane needed to get a jump start. It had been a couple of weeks since it had been flown and I thought I had better make sure the battery was charged up before I fly over to Atlanta on Wednesday (tentatively) to go to the Hyperion User Group meeting. I bet you didn't know you could jump-start an airplane, did you?

I did, however, get an interersting email over the weekend from some of the officers in the the Oracle Developer Tools User Group ("ODTUG"). They have decided to pursue a Hyperion technology track at the annual Kaleidoscope 2008 conference scheduled for New Orleans June 15 to June 19. Hyperion-oriented people may want to attend the conference to see the latest on both Essbase technologies and OBIEE. This conference appears as though it will have content that has been been missing, for the most part, from the Hyperion 'Solutions' conferences over the past few years where there seemed to be slanted a bit more towards marketing than technical. Information for the Kaleidoscope conference can be found at

Although submissions for the ODTUG conference have been closed for a while, they just this past weekend reopened submissions for Hyperion related content. Submissions are scheduled to end February 16th. You can enter your submissions at

I hope that many Hyperion experts are willing to share their knowledge in New Orleans.