Monday, June 11, 2012

That's a lot of bananas!

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a Dodeca customer that is in the grocery business and they were talking about their new Dodeca-based labor planning application.  During the testing of their new system, one of their planners found an error in the amount of time that each grocery store allocates daily for placing bananas on the shelves.  That doesn't seem like a big deal, right?  Well, it turns out that it is a big deal.

The excess labor being allocated to this task totals about 30 minutes per day per store.  This particular customer has around 2,500 stores and has estimated the cost savings from this particular labor planning correction to be around $5,000,000 per year.  That's a lot of bananas!

This customer will be just one of four customers participating in a session with us at Kscope where they will be sharing more information about how they are using Dodeca and the cost savings they are realizing from the software.  If you are coming to Kscope, be sure to join us in our session entitled "Solving the Performance Management Puzzle: Dodeca® Customers Reveal Their Answers" on Tuesday, June 26 at 9:45 am.   If you are not signed up for Kscope12 yet, you can still join us by registering at

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dodeca on iPad

My friend Cameron Lackpour had asked to see this, so here it is..   Dodeca on iPad.  Dodeca provides extremely fast Essbase operations and the ability to return huge data sets.  Now you can take it with you.

Dodeca on an iPad showing a dynamically generated Essbase input form.