Monday, April 29, 2013

EPM Available for Download

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management became available over the weekend, so let the rush of upgrading begin!

Here at Applied OLAP, we have already started our work with Essbase  We have added the new version to our build list and have started testing Dodeca with Essbase  We will make the version of our server available to our customers within a few days.

One interesting fix that we have seen so far is that EPM uses an upgraded version of Java, Java 1.6 update 35.   The previous EPM version,, shipped with Java 1.6 update 29 which contained a bug related to the SQL Server JDBC Driver.  The issue, known as the BEAST vulnerability, caused SQL Server JDBC connections to hang unless you made a fix to the Windows registry.  I, for one, am glad that issue is resolved.


Anonymous said...


Need help...

I have already installed rapid essbase deployment. Now i am trying to install rapid HFM deployment on the same machine. I am getting failed "Oracle database 11gR2 check" in installation wizard.

How can i install rapid essbase,HFM and planning deployment on the same machine?


Tim Tow said...

This is a question that is better suited for the OTN Forum. Please ask on that forum: