Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dodeca Customer Feedback - The Rosewood Company

I was talking yesterday with a new customer who had an interesting comment about Dodeca. In her responsibilities at her company, she is not only the Dodeca administrator, but also handles all of the Essbase administration along with about 5 other major tasks. They are now deploying Dodeca to replace an aging VBA/Essbase application that had been created by a consulting firm several years ago but nobody knew how to maintain it. Here is the quote (used with permission):

“In Dodeca, I built my dynamic schedules very quickly on my own and they worked! I was a little intimidated at the beginning of training, but now I have full confidence to build new reports on my own which is something I could not do in our old VBA-based system.”
                           - Lynn Mahurin, The Rosewood Company

One of the challenges that Lynn faced is that she has a report that needed to be generated for different groupings of business units and it included a number of reports where the rows included in different sections changed with any change to the Essbase outline. Further, on some of these reports, she needed to see the detail for some rows, then have smaller values grouped together dynamically to form an 'Other' category. These challenges were easily met with the unique Dodeca workbook scripting functionality which provides the ability for non-programmers to customize reports and their behavior.

We are seeing a number of companies who are planning ahead for their move away from the classic Excel add-in. These companies are evaluating Dodeca and find it to be not only as fast as the classic Excel add-in, but they are finding it faster, easier and less expensive to create, deploy, and maintain Essbase applications.

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