Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dodeca and the Outline Extractor Now Supported on Essbase

Today, we have made the Dodeca-Essbase server for Essbase available to licensed customers.  Support for this version of Essbase comes just 6 days after Oracle made the release and shows our dedication to support for Oracle Essbase.  In addition, the ability to support this new release so quickly validates the superior architecture of Dodeca.  With this release, Dodeca supports every version of Essbase between 6.5.3 and and features the unique ability to query data from any supported Essbase version into a single Dodeca report.  This ability, along with Essbase retrieval performance often exceeding 100,000 cells per second, shows Dodeca is the fastest and most agile Essbase product on the market.

In addition, we also posted an version of the OlapUnderground Outline Extractor to the download site at  http://www.appliedolap.com/resources/downloads


Aarthi Krishnan said...

I tried the utility for essbase on windows 2008r2. we have a job that uses the exportdim.exe through a batch file. we have modelled our export in the same format as the loadsample.bat but each time it runs it throws the error- win is not recognized as an internal or external command.

Jiten said...

Tool is not extracting ASO outline properly especially the attribute associations.

Tim Tow said...

Please report any issues you are encountering to support@appliedolap.com. Our support and development team will take a look at it.