Monday, August 29, 2011

Kscope11: Java API Tips/Tricks Slides

I have been quite busy working on getting Dodeca version 6.0 ready to ship, thus the long delay in getting these slides posted.  I wanted to get these posted, however, as they are unfinished business before I can really start writing about Dodeca 6.  So, without further delay, here are the slides..

BTW, the slides contain the abbreviation 'WWEAD'..   This stands for 'What Would the Essbase Addin Do?'

I also have uploaded some sample code that shows two different variations of signing on to the server, several different ways of getting member information and some examples of grid operations.  The member information example was very interesting as I added a speed test that shows how one particular method is much faster than another.   The code is available for download here.

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