Thursday, June 2, 2011

KScope Super Ambassadors

If you are attending KScope and want an easy way to volunteer, sign up to be a Super Ambassador.  Here is what a Super Ambassador does:
  • Commit to being present in the same presentation room for a half day (either morning or afternoon). You can pick the room where the sessions you were already planning on attending will be held. 
  • Ambassador Shirt
  • Assist the speaker, if needed, remind the participants to fill out session evaluations, and complete the session information form for each session.
  • Report any problems/concerns to the conference staff.
  • Ask the presenter if the slides he/she is using are the same as what is loaded on the Web site. If not, copy them on to the Super Ambassador flash drive. If the presenter has not loaded the slides, copy them on to the flash drive and tell him/her that we will load the slides.
Login to the Attendee Portal to sign up as a Super Ambassador.  As a reward for your hard work, you will receive a special T-shirt denoting your VIP status, will be invited to volunteer parties and receptions, and will have VIP access at the Grand Event on the Queen Mary.

If you are not registered for KScope, not only will you not be able to volunteer as a Super Ambassador, but you will also miss out on the most intensive Hyperion/Essbase technical gathering of the year.  You can still sign up at

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