Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oracle Technology Network's Virtual Developer Day

At the IOUC meeting, Tobin Gilman did not mention this session when he talked about the Virtual Tradeshow.  Maybe he did not mention it due to the fact that most of the user groups at the IOUC are oriented towards Oracle applications instead of Oracle technology,  The Virtual Developer Day event, which is on February 1, is targeted towards us geek types.  When I saw this in the Oracle Partner Newsletter, I thought that many of us technologists in the Hyperion world would be interested due to its focus on WebLogic. 

As you may know, WebLogic is now the lead application server technology for the Hyperion product line.  The Virtual Developer Day is all about WebLogic and I plan to attend.  It also has coverage on the latest J2EE features some of which, for example, persistence, are used in the Dodeca server.  Here are the details with a link to register:

Note to those of you in Europe and India, the Virtual Developer Day will be presented live in your time zones on February 10th and February 17th, respectively.

See you there!

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