Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oracle EPM System New Release Webcast Tomorrow

Oracle is holding a webcast tomorrow about the new version of the Oracle EPM System at 8:30 am Pacific time.  You can register for the webcast at http://ow.ly/1uURo.

I would expect that perhaps the new 11.1.2 may also show up on eDelivery as early as tomorrow.  As soon as we get it in-house, I will have my people doing installations.  We will then add 11.1.2 to our build scripts for our Dodeca-Essbase service and plan to have it available within a week..  Ah, the beauty of the web-service architecture!


Srinivas Malyala said...

Thank you for sharing with us.

srx said...

Great news can't wait to get the awaited self contained client for the moment!
Tim I'm surprised that you did not installed 11.1.2 already don't you benefit from an early [beta] access as being a VIP player/partner?

Tim Tow said...


Oracle controls their betas much more than Hyperion and Arbor did and, if fact, it is my understanding that most betas are completed in-house at Oracle on Oracle equipment.


Wayne D. Van Sluys said...

Hey Tim,

I missed the Webcast due to meeting. Did they announce a GA release date?


Tim Tow said...

I was hoping to hear a firm date but they didn't say anything other than 'April' (at least I think they said April).. We are checking eDelivery daily and I will blog it as soon as we see it available.


Fred said...

Oracle says 11.1.2 will be the first version compatible with Windows 7 and IE 8. Has anyone gotten working on Windows 7 and/or IE 8? Our company wants to upgrade its users' PCs but so far Hyperion seems to be the worst performer of our major software packages (Hyperion BI+/Planning, JDE, PeopleSoft). Sadly, Firefox and Google Chrome are even worse when trying run Hyperion on Windows 7.

Any success stories with tips would be wonderful.

Thank you,
Fred Moore

Anonymous said...

Oracle webcast available online.


Tim Tow said...


We support every version of Essbase from 6.5.3 to (and 11.1.2 shortly) in our Dodeca product. I think the issue you are seeing shows the fallacy of 'ease of deployment' that really made browser-based applications popular in the first place. Our earlier product line, ActiveOLAP for Essbase, used the browser and, over time, it has become harder to support. Dodeca doesn't use the browser except to launch the application and thus it is much easier to support across operating systems, etc, than products that are browser based. Dodeca is also Microsoft-certified on Windows 7.


Cheney Shue said...

I hope Oracle has transfered all components to linux in this release. And have supported weblogic 11g.