Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Long Performance Point

Some of my friends in the Hyperion world thought they were jumping-the-line by getting a headstart on turning their attentions over to Microsoft Performance Point. Well, it looks like they jumped too fast. Microsoft made a somewhat surprising announcement last Friday. According to Visual Studio Magazine:

"Microsoft will discontinue its PerformancePoint business intelligence product and will merge its function into SharePoint Server, the company said late last week."

The information for this statement apparently came from a post on a Microsoft BI blog posting at

The OLAP Report has written a report detailing the reasons at

To my friends who had left to concentrate on Performance Point, welcome back! I wondered why I had seen you all answering questions on the Hyperion forums recently.. <BigGrin>


Oudi Antebi said...

While the recent announcement on PerformancePoint “moving” into SharePoint might sound like a good move, People don’t really understand the full picture.

here is our analysis on the recent announcement:

Tim Tow said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog.. For those of you who may not know, Panorama technology was purchased by Microsoft to create their Analysis Server product. I remember having an alpha of it in my laptop case at Dimensions '96 in Santa Clara back when it was called 'Plato'; I never did install it.