Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Signup time for ODTUG

After a bunch of work, the ODTUG agenda is finally posted and if you want to keep up on the latest coming in the Essbase world and have access to the people who know, this is the place to be. Here is a link to the conference agenda:


My friend Edward Roske has already blogged about the trial and tribulations of putting together the track. His post, "Best Essbase Conference Ever?", is a good read. Here is the link:


Finally, there is a Hyperion-specific registration page that has just been published by the ODTUG team at:


Hopefully I will get some technical content posted here again in the next few weeks. I am off to Denver the week before Collaborate (again in Denver) for OBIEE training; I hope to post on some of what I learn there.

Until then, back to writing a custom Hibernate Dialect for DB2 (the as-shipped Hibernate DB2 Dialect doesn't create CLOB fields properly nor does it properly write a where clause if the column is an integer.. Arghhh!)

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