Monday, January 7, 2008

Advanced Security Manager

Oracle recently took down the HDN website and not all of the content, including third party downloads, is currently available on the OTN site. Of course, someone posted on OTN their need to get ahold of the OlapUnderground Advanced Security Manager. In response, I got in contact with the OlapUnderground team and they have sent me the Advanced Security Manager (along with the source code).. We are considering taking over development and management on the ASM but, in the meantime, I have made the Advanced Security Manager files available on our website:

I will leave this download, as received from the OlapUnderground team, on our website until it is determined if it will be available on OTN or until another home is found for it. If we decide to take on management of the ASM development, we will create a separate page for it on our website.

I guess the question is this. How many people actually still use the Advanced Security Manager? Should we spend any cycles working it at all? Note: I have promised not to release the source code unless it is cleaned up a bit. Thoughts anyone?


Unknown said...

I saw the thread at Oracle's site. Is ASM the only way to extract security information? If so, I would think that several large corporations would want it at least for auditing purposes.

Tim Tow said...

I thought I saw a posting on one of the forums recently that talked about an extraction tool that shipped with System 9 Shared Services. I took a quick look on my machine, though, and couldn't find it. Perhaps if you search the forums you may find some information about it and, if you do, let me know and I will update this blog posting to include it.


Anonymous said...

As an Essbase v7 Sys Admin User I still find ASM a very useful tool. Outline Extractor also a valuable utility.

Unless something equivalent available in System 9, the 2 tools above could usefully be maintained sufficiently to continue to operate with new releases even if functionality remains largely the same.

Anonymous said...


Are you still continuing with porting ASM to system 9 ?

If so do you guys have a timeframe? This an outline extrator (which we are grateful for having again:)) make life alot easier


Anonymous said...

715 Essbase, ASM very useful to us...Please keep it available.