Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Don't Make Essbase, We Make Essbase Better!

We have always claimed that Essbase was better with Dodeca, but until now we had only anecdotal evidence about how our customers get more return on their Essbase investment using Dodeca.  Now we have something a bit more concrete.  Recently, the annual BI Survey, which bills itself as the “world's largest vendor-independent survey of Business Intelligence and Performance Management users”, published the results of their annual survey, The BI Survey 12.  As in past years, we asked our customers to participate in the survey and, as a result, we earned a mention in the survey.  More importantly, we are thrilled by how we were mentioned.

One particular question in the survey asks customers how well they achieved their goals with their selected product.  In the past, Essbase has not scored well on this metric but, this year, for the first time ever, Essbase attained the highest score in goal achievement among all the products in the BI Survey.
  • Better than Microsoft Analysis Services?  Yes!  
  • Better than SAP BW?  Yes!  
  • Better than Cognos?  Yes!   
  • Better than Microstrategy?  Yes!  
  • Better than TM1 / Tableau / QlikTech???   Yes! Yes! Yes!   
  • Even better than OBIEE?   Yep!  
The analysis provided in the survey provides clues as to why the Goal Achievement Index for Essbase was the highest of all 25 products reviewed:

"This year for the first time we have a BI Giant with the highest goal achievement level. Oracle Essbase which has had quite low goal achievement scores in previous years, performs very well this year.  The sample includes more answers this year from companies that use Essbase in conjunction with front-end tools like Dodeca. These seem to increase the ratings for Essbase compared to ratings from users that only use the Excel Add-in."

That’s right.  Dodeca appears to be the reason that more customers achieve their goals with Essbase than with any other product.  If you are still using one of the Excel add-ins as your interface to Essbase, what are you missing?  Contact us today to learn more about how you can make Essbase better at your company using Dodeca and don't forget to ask about our no-cost evaluation program!

We have just released some exciting innovations in our most recent release.  Click here to read about the newest innovations inside the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System.

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