Friday, May 4, 2012

Dodeca on a Mac

Over the past couple of years, we have been asked about the possibility of having Dodeca running on a Mac.  Well, here it is!  This is a screenshot of Dodeca running on a Mac in our labs.

Dodeca on a Mac (click to enlarge)

So, who is running a Mac but can't find how to get to Essbase data on it?  <BigGrin>


Cameron Lackpour said...

That is so cool.

There hasn't been Essbase on a Mac (that wasn't running through a VM) since, oh, 1993 or so. I know, I had one of the last running versions (version 3.1?) that I begged out of an Arbor sales rep.

And now I can have it on modern Mac iron...


Cameron Lackpour

P.S. When oh when will you have Dodeca on an iPad?

Tim Tow said...

iPad? Keep your eye out here..