Monday, October 31, 2011


New Zealand is a beautiful country and we had a wonderful time on the weekend visiting the Coromandel Peninsula.  I am now at the NZOUG conference, but I am outraged and need to let you know one thing in case you ever come here to visit.  Leave your internet devices at home and don't plan to communicate unless you are prepared to empty your pocket. 

I am staying at the conference hotel, The Pullman, where internet connectivity is $28.50/day/device.   I was told I could upgrade to have access to the 'The Club' level for $40/person/day and that I would have unlimited internet.  Given the fact that Darlene and I have 3 devices between us, and for the free snacks and drinks in the Club level, I decided I would upgrade us.  

When I connected, it seemed strange that I was being prompted to login and agree to the $28.50/day even though I had the 'Club' status, so I went to the front desk.   I was getting charged for both the club and the daily rate.  What?  Apparently, the clerk at check-in told me about the free internet in the 'Club' level but failed to mention that the internet was free only when you were on their computers in the 'Club'.  So, with my devices *and* the 'Club', I was being charged $165/day for internet access.  That is actually more than I paid for the room!  On top of that, I had paid an extra $300 this month just to have phone/3G service on my iPhone in New Zealand.   The hotel manager did agree to cancel my 'cCub' level access and remove those charges which was a nice gesture, the the idea that we are still paying nearly $90/day for internet access that drops when you move from room to room has left a bad taste in my mouth.

On a side note, on our first day in New Zealand, we stayed next door at The Quadrant hotel.   I liked the rooms better and they had free internet.  Next time, I will stay there the entire time. 

OK..  I feel better now..   Besides, Edward Roske is here with his wife; he told me they have 4 devices!


Daniel Willis said...

hah. Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere! I think it has only started getting better in Australia. Whenever I feel bad about our internet though, I do just have to remember how dodgy it is in NZ! That still wouldn't stop us from moving to Lake Wanaka when Qubix goes mad and decides its a great place to open an office (just got back from NZ South Island in Aug)

Tim Tow said...

I was great there and I can't wait to return.