Friday, August 5, 2011

Got the Plane Back

My plane was in for its annual inspection and I got it back on Tuesday.  Here are a couple of shots leaving Jackson, TN on the flight home.  Thanks to Paul New, who is one of the world experts on the maintenance of Cessna 210's, for these shots.

I was doing about 150 mph has I hit the end of the runway and turned off towards home!


Anonymous said...

Most awesome, and congratulations. I'm glad you got your wings back.

Never flown a 210, and am currently getting used to Piper Arrows out of KHPN.

Ever flown up to the NY area?


Tim Tow said...

I have been into White Plains a few times back when the Hyperion East Coast office was nearby. Last time I was there, I launched IFR for Michigan into 350' overcast; it was solid to 8000'. I do prefer the clear blue skies in the pictures above.