Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ODTUG Board Meeting

After spending the 2 weeks visiting a customer site in Switzerland, then becoming a work hermit for a month, I am off to the ODTUG Board Meeting this weekend in San Francisco.  The Board Meeting also marks my return to official responsibilities representing the Hyperion community.  On my ODTUG agenda, I have a couple of Hyperion-related goals:
  1. To make the KScope conference the best national education conference for Hyperion customers; and
  2. To clarify the Oracle concepts of user groups for the user community.
Oracle has a plethora of user groups and often there are overlaps in what these groups do, thus it can be really confusing for end users.  As a result, attendance at the user group conferences as dropped to a fraction of the attendance back in the Hyperion Solutions days.  Much of the drop is due to the fact that in the Oracle world, the conferences are put together by the user groups themselves versus organized by the company.  Oracle does have the Oracle Open World conference, which is huge, but the Hyperion portion last year had, maybe 500 people.  By contrast, some of the Hyperion Solutions conferences had 7,000 people with a common focus.

To achieve these goals, I need your feedback to take to our Board.  Several of you have reached out to me with your thoughts on how I can help the user community in general using my position on the Board.   Please send me your feedback/ideas via email at timtow@appliedolap.com.


Anonymous said...

Does the ODTUG board have an international remit or is exclusively US/North American?

The timing of the KScope conference is very difficult for some regions internationally with June 30 year-ends before the cost consideration is even made.
Sept/Oct would get my vote.

Tim Tow said...

ODTUG does have some international representation, but the timing of the conference is somewhat limited by the timing of Oracle Open World. If the conference is too close to Open World, then the availability of Oracle speakers is greatly diminished.

I will, however, mention your input to the board.