Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye to Microsoft Analysis Services? Part 2

I got a follow up email from a friend who asked if I had seen a follow-on post to the original blog entry.  I had not, but here is is:

It sounds a little like back pedaling from Microsoft but, if you read the comments, it doesn't look like the Microsoft crowd feels very comfortable.   My favorite comments posted there is this one.

"Well, it looks like Microsoft talked to you and and wants to “assure” everyone that all is well. Yeah, just like ProClarity, right? I think that a new technology direction is a good thing. But not when you push the timeline out many years to get a good stable solution. Long term, this is probably a good thing, but short term, msft will see a loss in market share….. When the client tools AND server techonology are in flux, how many customers will want to invest in that dream? Check back with msft in about 5 years and they will be winners."

And it isn't that Essbase customers have been immune as there was much uncertainty after the Oracle acquisition.  As I am someone who, more than anyone I know, is all in for Essbase, it is very comforting that storm has passed and Essbase is becoming a featured component deep in the heart of the Oracle Fusion strategy.

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