Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cool New Excel 2007 Ribbon

I ran across a utility on the OTN Essbase forum a couple of days ago that sounded very useful. It is a Excel 2007 Ribbon UI for the classic Essbase add-in. Before this ribbon was available, it was a pain to access the classic Essbase add-in in Excel 2007 as it is hidden away on a sub-Ribbon as shown here.

The new Ribbon UI is from a group known as In2Hyperion (In-to Hyperion, get it?).  I had read a few things on their blog at in the past but took a closer look when I heard about the Ribbon UI.   I looked at the authors of In2Hyperion and I know a couple of people on the list from their days at WhittmanHart (now part of TUSC/Rolta).  I downloaded and tried out the Ribbon and, in my limited testing, I found it very useful.  Below is a screenshot of the Ribbon; click on the picture to see a larger version.

Their blog post that discusses the Ribbon, and has installation instructions and a download link, is at  Thanks to the In2Hyperion team for their contribution to the Essbase community.  Hopefully you will find the Ribbon UI useful too.

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Kyle Goodfrirend said...

Thanks for the fantastic feedback on the ribbon. I just wanted your viewers to know that they can get a newer version with a ton of new features, including many Essbase options directly in the ribbon, a quick connection option to save time when using multiple servers, and shortcuts that mirror the Essbase menu! Stay current on the releases here.