Tuesday, February 2, 2010

EPM Connection Point® Regional Conference - Jersey City

The full conference schedule for the OAUG Connection Point® — Enterprise Performance Management regional conference has been released.   The conference will be held later this month, February 23 and 24, in Jersey City, NJ.  The full conference agenda is at http://oaug.org/conferencesandeducation/conferences/2010/cpepm/cpepmagendagrid.pdf

This mini-conference is targeted towards business decision makers who want to better understand the Hyperion EPM products, including Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Strategic Finance, and would like to learn best practices via case studies of various company implementations.

As my focus is primarily Essbase, I don't currently plan to be at this conference.  A number of friends, including fellow Oracle ACE Directors Edward Roske from interRel Consulting, Tracy McMullen from interRel Consulting, and Eric Helmer from The Hackett Group, will be speaking there.  Other friends speaking there include Juan Porter from TopDown Consulting, Rob Cybulski from Finit Solutions and Kevin Corlett from Decision Support Technologies.  Jay Laabs from Bluestone International is more of an acquaintance but may be the world's foremost expert on Hyperion Strategic Finance.

If you are in the New York metro area, check the agenda to see if the content interests you and, if it does, sign up and go!

Note: the PDF is labeled for the Dubai - 2009 conference, but this conference really is in Jersey City.  As an aside, my wife lived in Abu Dhabi just before I met her 22 years ago and she played in a one-pitch softball tournament in Dubai - If the pitch is a strike, you're out and if the pitch is a ball, it's a walk. Otherwise, you hit the ball and run.  That is the way to play softball when it's 120° F (46° C) outside.

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