Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Essbase Support Announced

We recently announced support the Essbase for our entire product line including:

  • Dodeca
  • ActiveOLAP for Essbase
  • OpenOffice Add-in for Essbase
  • OlapUnderground Outline Extractor
  • OlapUnderground Advanced Security Manager
  • OlapUnderground SubVar Manager

I can tell you how valuable our heavy investment in automated build processes is to our company but the proof lies in our ability to quickly provide support for new Essbase versions as they become available while continuing to support and enhance the functionality of our products against previous versions.

Additional value lies in the engineering of our Dodeca product where we have taken Essbase compatibility to a whole new level with our database abstraction layer. The abstraction layer allows us to target a single version of the Dodeca client to every version of Essbase from 6.5.3 to the latest Further, the abstraction layer gives us the unique ability to retrieve data from multiple versions of Essbase into the same spreadsheet 'side-by-side'. Think about that the next time you have to roll out the latest patch of the Excel add-in to a thousand users spread around the world!


Pranava said...

Is the Essbase db optimization/configuration tool retired? I dont quite recall the exact name of the tool but I would say, it was an extremely useful tool. The statistics based output file was just great for optimization.

As a side note, few years back when we were working on upgrading from V6 to V7 and were having issues with the Hyperion Security Migration, I eventually used both the Hyperion Security manager and OlapUnderground Advanced Security Manager.

The end result, zero user tickets!

Essentially overwrote the security file resulting from Hyperion Security manager (with no data related to filters or groups, just for the encripted passwords) with the text dump from OlapUnderground Advanced Security Manager, containing filters, groups, etc.

I didnt know you developed those products, thank you!



Tim Tow said...

I didn't originally develop the OlapUnderground products (but I know who did). I offered to maintain/distribute/support them from our website. We have, however, made a few changes to the codebase (and have put it into a production compilation process).


Rémi Grossat said...

Hi Tim,

We are looking for the Add-in Essbase for Open Office.
Could you please give me some information about it? Is there a cost? If yes, how can we buy it?

Please contact me,
Kind regards