Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Nitpick on essxlvba.txt

I was working on answering an OTN question today (and creating a related blog post) and I came upon a little annoying thing in the Extended Spreadsheet Toolkit declarations file, essxlvba.txt.

I imported the file into VBA like I *used* to do years ago when I made a living writing Essbase Excel VBA code (and before I was fed up with it and started my own company to do things better). I used one of the essxlvba.txt constants, EssBottomLevel, in the following line:

v = EssVGetMemberInfo(Null, "Year", EssBottomLevel, True)

As always, I was using Option Explicit at the top of my module and it caught that this line of code would not compile. Why? Because EssBottomLevel was not defined. Of course, it was in the imported module:

Const EssChildLevel = 1
Const EssDescendentLevel = 2
Const EssBottomLevel = 3
Const EssSiblingLevel = 4
Const EssSameLevel = 5
Const EssSameGenerationLevel = 6
Const EssCalculationLevel = 7
Const EssParentLevel = 8
Const EssDimensionLevel = 9

What was the problem? In VBA, the above declaration limits the scope of the variable to that module. As I was using Option Explicit, that didn't present a problem to me as VBA alerted me to the issue. What about the (majority of?) VBA programmers who don't use Option Explicit? They, of course, would have a bug in their code and would have to search for the reason they didn't get 'bottom level' members returned.

The easy solution would be for Oracle to simply change the declaration to expand the scope; you can do this in your essxlvba.txt file today:

Public Const EssChildLevel = 1
Public Const EssDescendentLevel = 2
Public Const EssBottomLevel = 3
Public Const EssSiblingLevel = 4
Public Const EssSameLevel = 5
Public Const EssSameGenerationLevel = 6
Public Const EssCalculationLevel = 7
Public Const EssParentLevel = 8
Public Const EssDimensionLevel = 9

I wonder how many thousands of hours of lost productivity by hapless programmers can be attributed to this oversight?

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Cameron Lackpour said...

It wastes about 15 minutes of my time whenever I touch it. And then I remember.

My little contribution to the mighty time waste. Arrrgh.


Cameron Lackpour