Sunday, May 10, 2009

Login issues with EAS

I got an email today from someone who had followed my installation tutorial for 11.1.1, had installed based on my tutorial and is having trouble connecting with EAS. I thought I would blog it so other people can benefit from my response.

I often have the same problem on my laptop and have to restart the services. In my case, the root cause is that the Oracle TNS listener service goes to sleep when I suspend my laptop and does not wake back up. When this happens, I restart my services in this order:
  1. Oracle database (only if it is not running)
  2. Oracle TNS listener
  3. OpenLDAP
  4. Shared Services
  5. Essbase Admin Services server

Once this is complete, I have no problems logging in. I am sure that if I had the Oracle piece running on something other than a laptop, I would not see these issues either.

The user also had some other questions relating to the app server / web server terminology in the Oracle docs. The embedded Tomcat server is the app server that is shipped out of the box. I expect that to change in the future due to the Oracle acquisition of WebLogic.

He also asked about the role of Microsoft IIS in the equation. IIS is not used in the Essbase stack (OpenLDAP / Shared Services / Essbase / Essbase Administration Services / Essbase Integration Server / Analytic Provider Services). I believe that some portions of the other Hyperion products may need it.


jmadafu said...

After installing Hyperion i get the following error."Listener refused the connection with he following error ORA-12505, TNS: listner does not curently know of SID given in connect descriptor
Vendor Code 12505.
How can i correct this. It is Windows server 2008.

Tim Tow said...

This error means that the Oracle connection string specified for EAS is not correct (or perhaps the database is off-line). If you don't resolve your issue with this information, I would pose this question on the OTN forums.