Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to configure Tomcat, as delivered with Analytic Provider Services, to capture stdout

By default, the Analytic Provider Services (“APS”) service does not log standard out. Unfortunately, Java developers frequently use standard out to log information (particularly error information). If this information is critical to you, the logs need to be configured.

After doing a bit of digging, I was able to determine that logging is enabled by configuration parameters in the Windows registry. Specifically, the following parameters need to be added to the registry to configure the service:

  • StdError

  • StdOutput

The following screenshot shows how I configured these two settings to enable the standard out logging in APS 9.3.0. Remember that you must restart the service for these settings to take effect.

(Click image to enlarge)

When I installed System 9.3.1, standard out logging again stopped working. Upon further investigation, I found the names and location of the settings had changed. On the plus side, the settings actually did already exist but were set to ‘nul’ by default.

I modified the settings and added a path to the SysErrFile and SysOutFile parameters as shown below.

(Click image to enlarge)

If you find any other strange things with APS service logging, please email me at and I will add the information to this document.

I have made this content downloadable as a pdf document here.

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